T. & T. V. Sarvajanik High School

Our History

In the year 1944, the Society's President, Hon. Deewan Bahadur, Shri C. M. Gandhi's endeavor and inspiration from Manharlal Gordhandas Kadiwala, Sagarampura's leading commercial M / s Gandabhai and Gordhanbhai Viththaldas Kadiwala received Rs.18,000 / - and about 2000 pieces. Once the land was received. As a result, on 11th June 1945, the education institute started at the rented house of Kabir temple in Sagaramapura. The President of Surat Municipal Corporation inaugurated Dr. C. J. Gheeya Saheb happened.

Due to the continuous progress of the school, the public society built the new building on the land donated by Shri Gandabhai and Govardhan Kadiwala, which was inadequate to build the Kabir temple.

 In collaboration with Mr. Hashmukhhbhai Hoziwala, the pre-primary division building was developed.

A well known name in the field of education, T.&T.V. Saarvajanik Highschool, Nanpura, Surat was established in June 1888. Our Semi-Government Granted School, managed by well known education trust of Surat city “Sarvajanik Education Society”, also conduct 9 schools and 14 colleges.

After  129 years T. & T.V. sarv. Highschool stands sturdy to educate surat city’s children. After pairs of decades it is still serving for noble cause of education. Pioneer founder late. Mr. Chunilal Ghelabhai Shah and many donors established this school seeding education specially for poor and middle class children, it is extremely difficult task but fulfilled nicely part of this school is historic and glorious. Many proud features added by this school to the society by giving great genius people from this school.

T & TV Sarv. Highschool, Nanpura, Surat is managed by office and academic staff. The teaching staff consists of 42 teachers. The teachers teaching the subjects are trained well. The school caters education to approx. 1300 students. There are 22 classes. (Std 9 to 12 Sci-Comm Stream)

Facilities at T & TV Sarv. Highschool, Nanpura, Surat

The school consists of a Library, Laboratories, Play Area, Computer Lab, and Seminar Hall. The library is stocked with different types of books on all subjects, magazines, periodicals, and newspapers. Every year new reading materials are added to the library. A qualified librarian maintains the library. The Computer lab has modern computers and contains sufficient number of computers to conduct computer class.

 T & TV Sarv. Highschool, Nanpura, Surat has spacious and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Computer. Students are taught practical education by the instructors and teachers of respective subjects. The Physics lab is fully equipped with several apparatus. It is a well maintained lab with all necessary equipments required to perform experiments. The Chemistry department is used by school classes having Chemistry subject and class XI and XII. All chemicals and equipments required for practicals and projects are available. The Biology lab has preserved specimens, charts and prepared slides. It has all the necessary equipments for experimental purpose. Several sports are conducted throughout the year. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the activities. There is a large multipurpose hall. Various inter school and Intra School activities are conducted here. The hall has a seating capacity of around 200 individuals.   The school conducts workshops and seminars for teachers as well as students in a Seminar Room.