T. & T. V. Sarvajanik High School

Principal’s Message (Sec & Higher Sec)

Dear Parents,

While thinking of your child’s future, you thought of us! That is a matter of pride and honour for us. In this age of innovation and technology, the biggest miracle that still mystifies us all is a CHILD. I believe that each child is like a raindrop, just a ray of light and they project the entire rainbow; our purpose is to provide that ray of light and facilitate them to discover their true colours. 

 We are dedicated to provide holistic learning and mould our students to face the real world challenges. School provides invigorating and competitive atmosphere with the help of our trained and motivated teachers. Our core curriculum and extracurricular activities definitely provides an opportunity for the students to spread their wings in all the directions. Besides being committed to academic excellence we strive to enhance student’s physical, intellectual and artistic skills. 

We understand that we are in one of the noblest professions and are the most important architects out there, as we design the foundation of the nation’s future. The institute aspires to achieve this goal by encouraging and helping children to grow up as honest, self-respecting and self-reliant human beings and by inculcating in them a sense of responsibility and respect for others. As, we believe that a synergy between academics and life skills is essential for a child’s future. We seek your cooperation and support in our continuous endeavours for creating a brighter tomorrow


Mr. C.D.Patel